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JBA Engineering Smarter Buildings
About JBA Consulting Engineers
From humble beginnings to a Leader in Innovation.

Founded in the early 80's, by Jeff Bryar, JBA had its humble beginnings as a solo design studio. With Jeff's extensive knowledge and his personal approach, JBA's work grew and so did its team. This growth in knowledge and experience has allowed JBA to become the fully multi-disciplined team it is today.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve our clients by engineering smarter buildings and becoming their building services provider of choice.

Our Philosophy

As a family company the values we share consist of cooperation, dedication, excellence and integrity. With our values, skills and knowledge, JBA enable our clients to express their projects unique character through the use of engineering.

Our Promise

Our promise is to provide outstanding quality of service to our clients. With a good understanding of our clients objectives we deliver a tailored approach to their projects engineering requirements.

Passing on the Knowledge and Experience.

I am excited to be working at JBA Consulting Engineers as part of the team. Being in a company my father started has meant that we have been able to preserve the experience and knowledge of our Senior Engineers and pass on that knowledge to our other JBA family members.

JBA has grown to reflect the dedication and passion for engineering, our clients, the environment and the community, that my father has.

We all share in that dedication and passion, its now the JBA way.

Kash Bryar, Engineer
JBA Consulting Engineers