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Fire Protection Services | by JBA

Our Fire Protection Engineers design systems to safeguard our families, friends and assets from the effects of fire.

JBA’s fire team offers a comprehensive range of passive and active fire protection design services to prepare, alert and protect occupants and buildings from fire and smoke.

The team provides schematic and detailed design of fire protection systems, authority liaison and applications, infrastructure investigations, code compliance and due diligence audits, feasibility studies, risk assessment, option studies, “deemed to satisfy” and “performance Based” solutions and defects liability reports.

JBA’s Fire team has the expertise and knowledge to design solutions for future projects, assess and upgrade existing systems, and analyse and investigate outcomes after a fire. The teams experience covers an extensive range of market sectors including Commercial, Residential, Industrial and Specialised environments.

Applying engineering principles to protect people and their environments from the effects of fire and smoke.

Our Fire expertise includes:

  • Master Plan evaluation and design of Site Fire Water Reticulation
  • Fire Tank and Pump design
  • Fire Hydrant and Hose Reel systems
  • Fire Sprinkler systems
  • Gas Suppression systems
  • Fire Detection and Warning Control Systems
  • Multipoint Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems (MASDS)
  • Emergency Warning and Inter-Communication Systems (EWIS)
  • Building Occupant Warning Systems (BOWS)
  • Smoke Hazard Management
  • Portable Fire extinguishers
  • Authority and Regulatory Advice and Liaison
  • Fire Incident Investigation