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Technology Services | by JBA

Technology is enabling us to connect and communicate in more ways than ever before. JBA’s Technology services design and review opportunities for technology implementation.

JBA’s Technology team has expertise to cover NBN and ISP reticulation, infrastructure investigations, option studies, costing analysis, node room design, server room/data centre design, structured cabling and a range of other services.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems are becoming the heart of any building and facilities successful operation. JBA’s team can help design and integrate a Building Management system for new buildings, building refurbishments and upgrades.

Technology can be utilised to find smarter ways to manage buildings and infrastructure.

The application of scientific knowledge to automate and simplify processes.

Our Technology expertise includes:

  • NBN/Internet provider systems
  • Mater Antenna Television (MATV) and PayTV systems
  • Data and Node room design
  • Data Centre design
  • Structured Cabling systems
  • PABX/VOIP systems integration
  • Video and tele-conferencing
  • Audio visual presentation and collaboration systems
  • Nurse and Assistance Call systems
  • Intruder detection and access control
  • Closed circuit television monitoring
  • Video intercom
  • Public address systems
  • Hearing augmentation