Transportation (Lifts) Services

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Transportation Lift Services | by JBA

JBA’s engineers tailor Lift, Escalator and Travelator designs to allow people and goods to move effectively throughout a building or facility.

The Transportation team is able to analyse the lift, escalator and travelator requirements for a range of projects, including Residential and Commercial applications.

The team can provide solution options that are tailored to suit the height and classification of the building, the anticipated usage and the space constraints of the floor. JBA’s team can ensure Property Owners comply with current Building Code regulations, Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) requirements and applicable standards.

With a wealth of knowledge in transportation, the team is able to deliver fit-for-purpose, intricate and sustainable solutions for clients.

The safe, rapid, comfortable and convenient movement of people and goods between locations.

Our Transportation expertise includes:

  • Vertical elevators
  • Escalators and travelator systems
  • Analysis of passenger waiting times and performance
  • Chair lifting systems
  • Freight elevators
  • Car lifting systems