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Your Project
Let us be your trusted advisor.

We understand that every project is unique – different in size, application, quality and character. With JBA looking after your project we seek to understand your requirements and design engineering solutions to meet the objectives specific to your project.

Your project will be assigned a dedicated Project Manager who will be the coordination point of contact for all the services JBA is providing your project. We have extensive knowledge and experience in designing engineering solutions for a wide range of projects from boutique developments to high-grade commercial to high-rise apartments and more.

With an ever increasing environmentally conscious community, we design solutions which are environmentally sustainable and achieve a lower carbon footprint for your development. Our advisory service can assess your project and provide recommendations in achieving your desired outcomes.

At JBA Consulting Engineers engineering is our passion. We want to see our clients vision translated into a Great Building Design. With this approach we can share in each others success.

Our design process starts from initial consultation, schematic design through to tendering, construction management and defects liability. Our multi-disciplined staff ensure that your project receives a fully integrated services solution. This holistic approach to design means greater efficiency in design and construction, reduced communication overheads and tailored project delivery.


Our process begins by understanding your project and what you want to achieve:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Costs
  • Feasibility
  • Review


We work with the design team to:

  • Design Markups
  • Sustainability Modelling
  • CAD Drawings
  • 3D Modelling
  • Authority Applications
  • Review and Approve

Quality Control

Ensuring your project is designed right:

  • Design Review
  • Requirements Review
  • Continuous quality improvement


We are there through the construction phase:

  • Site Assistance
  • Consultants Advice
  • Review
  • Client Feedback
  • Share in our clients success