Advice and Review Services

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Advice and Review Services | by JBA

JBA’s Specialist Advisory and Review service, partners with clients to provide expertise in town planning, feasibility studies, technical design review, investigations and general advice.

Expert Advice

With a range of experts available, JBA provides access to our team of engineers to provide expert advice and insight for any assistance your team needs.

Diagnostic Review

A diagnostic review is completed if your infrastructure is not performing the way it was intended or the way you thought it should. JBA conducts testing and plan reviews which can identify problem areas and provide a set of recommended solutions.

Design Review

A design review offers an independent peer review of your projects design. We conduct a strategic analysis of your project against individual targets, standards and code compliance.

The application of advanced knowledge and skills to create a set of recommendations and feedback.

Our Advice and Review expertise includes:

  • Planning and Feasibility Studies
  • Town Planning
  • Preliminary Advice
  • Incident and Insurance Investigations
  • Peer Review
  • Value Management Advice and Review
  • Authority and Regulatory Advice
  • Design Review